Looking for best result driven SEO Services? Then you’re at the right place. I’m Amit Saha an experienced SEO Consultant with specialised in Technical SEO can help you out with best SEO Strategy and Consultation.

SEO Services by AMIT SAHA

I’ll help you out with all these SEO Services mentioned below which is a combined 360° SEO Service Package.

  1. SEO Audit (Core audit which includes On-page, Off-page, UX Details and Technical SEO )
  2. Keyword Research and Audit for your business
  3. High Quality Content Creation & Optimization (Required Help of Content Writers)
  4. On-Page Optimization
  5. Technical SEO issue fixing and imporvement
  6. Off-Page SEO (Link Building, Authority Improvement, PR, Local SEO etc)

So, SEO is very deep and above points are just outlines. Till now I have handled website projects with millions of page and more pages mean more challenges and fixing those SEO things can get your traffic to millions. SEO is day to day steady process of optimisation which is very helpful in long run to improve site visibility and maximum revenue.

Key Benefits of SEO Consultation

So, these are the below mentioned benefits that your online business can get with my SEO Services or Consultation –

  1. Increase organic traffic by 100%
  2. Improve keyword visibility and rankings [Again I can’t guarantee over night success as SEO is a time bounding process which is fruitful in long run]
  3. Cut the cost-per-click in 1/4.

Educating my Clients about the impact of SEO Consultation in Detail

Before starting my SEO Consultation I need to be clear and to the point about th agenda, time duration, pricing and impact of my SEO services which will help build a strong client/ consultant relationship.

Showing my SEO Expertise with Result driven Insight

So, after starting my SEO work for your online business, I’ll give you 1st month insight of what we have done and what are the impact and that reporting will be biweekly or monthly so that you’re also aware and satisfied with our service. Client review and satisfaction is the ultimate for us.

Interested to get my SEO Services or SEO Consultation then drop me a mail today.

    Niche wise SEO Consultation Services

    1. Affiliate or Performance Marketing Network business SEO Services
    2. SaaS SEO Services
    3. Dental SEO Services
    4. Deal or Coupon site SEO Services
    5. E-commerce online store SEO services
    6. Real Estate SEO Services
    7. Legal SEO Services
    8. Cryptocurrency SEO Services
    9. Health niche SEO Services
    10. Automobile Niche SEO Services
    11. Finance Niche SEO Services
    12. E-learning / Education niche SEO Services
    13. Blog or Professional Site SEO Servies

    There could be more main niches or micro niches for which we can provide best and positive result driven SEO services.

    Please Note: SEO i,e Search Engine Optimization is not an overnight process to get success but it takes time to show it’s beautiful results in long run. If you’re looking for over night SEO success story then please skip me. Thank You.

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