What is Deep Link Ratio: Is It A Google Ranking Factor?

Does Deep Link Ratio affect your search engine ranking in Google? Let’s look in detail at the experts’ opinions regarding Deep Link Ratio.

If you are building high-quality links, including deep links then it would be the best part of link building strategy.

But our main question is that can your deep link ratio affect your search engine ranking?

If you really want to know if there is any connection between deep link ratio and improving Google Ranking stay tuned with this article.

Is  Deep Link Ratio a Ranking factor?

Deep Links are the internal links that redirect pages on your website apart from your homepage.

Deep links can easily be calculated by the ratio of the total number of internal links to every page on your website vs the total number of internal links on your homepage.

Let’s Understand this with the help of an example

Let’s say you have a total of 1600 internal links to your website, and apart from those links 800 are to your homepage, The remaining 800 are too specific pages on your website.

In easy language, the total number of deep links is divided by the total number of inbound links.

800/1600 = 0.5% deep link ratio

Evidence For Deep Link Ratio As A Ranking Factor

An underlying assumption of many deep linking strategies is that by creating high-quality, unique content and linking to it in other sites, you’ll create a great deal of “value” for other sites and, in turn, “earn” a link from them.

That’s certainly what many SEO experts believe. I tend to agree. If you’re really providing value for your website’s readers, more links to your site will be generated than by any other strategy.

Additionally, if you’re creating high-quality, unique content, your content should be automatically searchable across all the major search engines, and should therefore appear on the first pages of the major search engines.

How To Increase Your Deep Link Ratio

Post unique, high-quality content. The Deep Link Ratio relies on the ability of people to find you, and if you are promoting yourself like a brand, creating content that will help others in a positive way is the best strategy to maximize your outreach. If you aren’t doing the same, then this strategy won’t be valuable to your readers, therefore they won’t trust you and click on links to your content.

Write content that people can understand. The human brain is designed to process short, simple information so write with that in mind. Complex information is harder to understand. Take the time to create words that are understandable and easier for people to understand. You’ll be amazed at how often this helps when it comes to deep linking.


This could probably be a blog post on its own as there are many excellent recommendations for online businesses. It’s also worth highlighting the ways that social media can help with creating the right kind of content to attract links. But what this document does highlight is the evidence that shows how a high-ranking link appears to offer real value to both the publisher and the reader of a news article.

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