Google has changed review structured data requirements

Recently, there is a new update coming out by Google Side that has been changed to review structured data requirements. The amendment has been made in the author name requirement section. Through this, you can easily make your web page eligible for review-rich results on the search engine result page.

Before coming to the main points let’s take a brief overview of Review Featured Snippets

What are Review Featured Snippets?

This image shows about review structured data requirements

Review Featured Snippets are also known as rich results for any website. Most affiliate websites and retailers want their websites to appear in rich snippets because it increases the chance of conversion and generates a good lead for their business.

Review Featured Snippets also give your website a good traffic source on the search engine result page.

The above image is a good example of rich snippets.

Google has introduced this feature for improving search engine result page quality. Now users can easily get the solution of their queries on the Rich Snippet bar. This position is also called Zero Position.

3 Simple ways to appear your content in Featured Snippets

  1. Use Good Quality Content
This image show about the best way to appear in review structured data requirement

In this era, content is king, if you want your website to appear in the featured snippet then you have to use good quality unique content which has in-depth detail of the particular topic.

  1. Use Bullets Points in content
This image show about the 2nd best way to appear in review structured data requirement

If you look at the above image you will see that all the bullet points have been appearing in the featured snippets. It means that content that is rich in bullet points will appear in rich snippets.

  1. Use Question and Answer Schema
This image show about the 3rd best way to appear in review structured data requirement

For getting the best user experience you can use faq schema by selecting people and also ask questions. All these questions are mostly asked by people and it is also rich in keywords.

Change in the Author Name Requirements

Google has recently updated an amendment in the author-name requirement section. Now the author name field is limited to 100 characters in clear words. The author name field in review snippets must be less than 100 characters to get eligible for review featured snippets.

If you are using more than 100 characters in author name requirements then you will be not eligible for review feature snippets.

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