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Website loading speed is one of the most important factors in technical SEO. If you want to make your website user-friendly then you need to make your website loading speed below 0.8 seconds. And making your website’s loading speed under 0.8 seconds is really tough work.

In earlier days AMP was there to improve our website loading time on mobile devices. But, now you also have to deal with FID, CLS, and LCP. These are the main components of core web vitals.

In today article, I will tell you how Google can help you to make your website speed faster, 

For optimizing the page speed of any website we spend lots of money purchasing Costly Hosting, Caching Plugins, Performance Plugins, Optimisation Plugins, Tear of Orange CAT, etc but at some point of time, all those things go to waste.

Why Google is focusing on website’s speed

  1. Faster websites are good for users because they get information faster.
  2. Faster websites are good for search engine crawlers because they can crawl more websites in less time.

Google only wants to make the website user-friendly that’s why Google has added website speed as one of the most important ranking factors. So if you also want to increase your website ranking on the search engine result page then you need to optimize your website loading time on mobile, and desktop devices.

Now, let’s focus on who you can make your website fast with Google

Who you can make your website fast with Google

Cloudflare world’s most popular CDN providing company, The main purpose of Cloudflare is to provide free CDN to millions of websites but, they also have some criteria on this.

  1. They only provide free CDN to those websites that have limited pages on their website.
  2. They also provide paid plans like a pro, business, enterprise. You can easily check these plans on their website.

To minimize the loading speed of any website CDN stores a cached version of its content. For example, if your website is taking lots of time to display queries then at that time those cache files will reduce your workload and tension by rendering the cache version to the user who is searching for any queries on your website.

Recently Cloudflare has launched an automated SXGs option for websites. You can easily enable this feature with 1 click. This feature helps your website to load fast. Now let’s see what Cloudflare is, and how it works.

What is Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that comes in both free and premium plans. It makes your site faster by delivering content based on the location of the users.

It creates a cached version of your site on its servers and provides the content to users through the servers that are closest to the user’s location.

Why you should use Cloudflare

Cloudflare CDN improves the performance and loading speed of your WordPress site and reduces the load on your hosting server. Here I have shared the best Cloudflare settings which can increase your website performance to a great extent.

Benefits of Cloudflare CDN

  1. Speed ​​- Improves website loading speed.
  2. Prevents Crash – Protects your website from crashing due to high volume traffic.
  3. Improves SEO – Cloudflare makes your WordPress website faster and faster website gets a better rank in Google search results.

What is SXG or signed exchange

Many years ago, Google made the AMP framework to speed up the speed of our blog or website, but Google itself has also made SXG speed up the speed of the website.

SXG means signed exchange and its main purpose is to authenticate the origin of any file.

For example, we take Facebook if you watch a video on Facebook and that video is made by me, but if my voice is not in that video my face is not visible then how will you believe that video made by me.

On the other hand, if my voice is also in that video and my face is also visible, then you will immediately agree that that video has been made by me.

So where will my voice and my face signature go in this video and after seeing my voice and my face in the video, you have confirmed that this video is mine, so this is what we call Signed Exchange?

Now let us try to understand how SXG works in real

For example, if you have enabled SXG on your website through Cloudflare, then Cloudflare will pick up the content of your blog or website and remove the header from it. Will add the header.

And then will cache all the content taken from your site and then this cache will be sent to Google’s Crawler.

Now Google has got all the data on your page cached, as well as Signed Exchange, which has come through SXG, due to which Google will be able to understand that the data that has come to it is actually the data of a website, some fraud by Malaysia. There are no data sent.

Now when the link of your page appears in the search engine in any browser, the browser understands through Signed Exchange that this data is not fraud or not sent by Malaysia and they store it.

Now whenever a person clicks on the link of your page appearing in the search engine, then because the browser already has that data store, they will open your page immediately. So earlier the speed of your page used to be slow, now it will become superfast.


To make the loading speed of your website fast, it is also necessary to use good hosting, a good casino plugin as well as this new service of Google SXG.

If you have the budget, then definitely enable SXG by taking Cloudflare’s Pro plan. We hope that you must have learned a lot from this post Make A Website Fast With Google Cache, if you still have any query then definitely write in the comment box below.

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