What is Google E.A.T?

This image shows why Google has launched E.A.T is to evaluate the performance and quality of a website.

E.A.T is derived from 3 words, i.e, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness. From 2012 Google has launched its various algorithms to make search quality better so that users can get relevant information. The main purpose why Google has launched E.A.T is to evaluate the performance and quality of a website.

How does Google determine E.A.T?

Expertise: Expertise means if any publisher is publishing its content on a website then how much knowledge did the publisher had regarding that content or you can say that how much expertise did the publisher have in its field.

Authority: Authority means what is the authority of his content, and his website? The Authority of any content is calculated on the basis of its content quality. And the authority of any website is calculated on the basis of its Domain Authority.

Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness means how much do you trust that website. Trust can be calculated on the basis of the performance, quality, and secrecy of that website.            

Is E.A.T a ranking factor?

The direct answer for this question is NO, E.A.T is not a ranking factor because there isn’t a single metric to measure a Google E.A.T score. Rather, it evaluates other, measurable factors that indicate the quality of authors, web pages, websites, and brands.

Why E.A.T is important for your SEO

If you have paid attention to the Google Core Algorithm update in recent years, You have noticed that Google is continuously working on improving the quality of the search engines.

Google started penalizing thin content, and keyword stuff content to make the content quality better. They have made mobile responsiveness when most people started using a mobile device. Google has come out with its Core web vitals update to decrease the loading time of a website on mobile as well as on desktop. 

Now with the help of E.A.T Google only wants to deliver what users want. As if now you just want to give credibility to the author, you just need to improve the authority of your website.

How to improve E.A.T SEO

There are 4    factors by which you can improve your E.A.T SEO.

  1. Making right backlink 

If you want to increase your website authority and trustworthiness you just need to make quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are those which are received from high authority websites like Wikipedia, Microsoft, medium, quora, etc. 

  1. Keep your content accurate and up to date

Unless the content on your site is about something that never changes, there’s a good chance you have pages with information that is either obsolete or outdated.

As much as possible try to make your content up to date with the most accurate information 

  1. Get more reviews

It’s the best strategy to promote your business online to get more and more valuable reviews. If your website has a good review then it will indicate that your website is trustworthy. Even negative reviews and comments can also be good for your website, kindly respond to negative comments it will show that your website is user-friendly and also boost your trustworthiness.

  1. Flash your credentials

Don’t just call your author, professional without giving him/her level of expertise. You just need to verify their credentials and also add them to your website author section it will get easier for Google to understand who has published this content 

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