Indexing Problems in Google

Many of the website owners, bloggers face the most common issue i.e, Indexing Issues in Google. If your website is not indexed then how your website will be ranked on Google. So it is the most important factor in ranking a website.

Before getting to the main topic let’s take a quick recap about crawlers and crawling.

What are Crawlers?

Crawlers are the computer software that travels to each and every website and reads their pages and other information to make available in the search engine index. They got their name crawler because they regularly visit every website sitemap.xml file to crawl each URL listed there.

This image shows that the sitemap.xml file of a website.

You can also check your sitemap.xml file by

What is Crawling?

Crawling means when a crawler comes to your website they read every page and post available in sitemap according to page quality and content quality they index your page. Most of the owners and bloggers of the website face Crawling issues. So, let’s see what are the crawling issues most bloggers face.

Crawling Issues

This image shows about the indexing issues in Google i.e, Crawled-Currently not indexed.
  1. Crawled- Currently not indexed: This issue is faced by most of the users, But do you know what it means? If a crawler comes to your website and finds that your content quality is not good, you have used thin content or duplicate content then the crawler rejects that page from indexing. This message comes under the search console coverage section. You can easily get out of this trouble by uploading good-quality content.
This image show about the indexing issue in Google i.e, Discovered-currently not indexed.
  1. Discovered- Currently not indexed: This issue is faced because of 2 reasons, crawl budget and Google don’t want to crawl your website. Under the crawl budget, Google crawlers give 1 week for getting your page indexed because millions of websites, send indexing requests daily that’s why sometimes Google crawlers take time to index certain pages. And after 1 week if your page is not indexed then Google might don’t want to crawl your page because your page doesn’t give relevant information.
This image shows about indexing issues in Google i.e, Not found (404)
  1. Not found (404): Suppose if you have published any post and send an indexing request to Google, but because of any technical error it always shows 404 error because of this error Google crawler will not be able to crawl that page then this page will be rejected for the indexing. So there is a simple solution for this you just need to redirect that page into the original URL

What is Indexing?

Indexing is the process of sending crawling instructions to Google bots. When we send indexing requests to Google we just tell Google to kindly read that content if you find this page interesting. Kindly index it so that this page can solve the queries of many people.

If you have published good quality content or unique content, then definitely it will rank on top of SERP.

How You Can Send Indexing Request

This image show how you can submit indexing request to Google

1. Log in to Your Search Console: You just need to log in to your Search Console and then select the performance option as shown in the above image.

This image show how you can run Live test URL after sending indexing request.

2. Send Indexing Request: After that, you just need to enter your page URL into the search box and click on the request index as the index request sent to Google click on Test Live URL as shown in the above image.

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