Google New Title Tag Generation Policy

Google has recently announced that it can use any text in place of your title, for example, if your title is Top 5 Google Algorithm updates, then Google can now show random content in place of your title.

Let’s see complete this policy in detail

  1. Why did Google make this change?
  2. What is this new policy?
  3. What to do about it?
  4. How to see a changed title in SERP?

In the month of August Google has announced that now it can use any heading, text in place of your title tag. This policy is already live on Google. It means from now Google can also change your title according to your content. Google has generated this policy to make the search engines more user-friendly. You have noticed that Google has launched lots of algorithms like  

  1. Panda Algorithms: Panda Algorithms was launched to punish those websites that are using thin content, copy content, spined content.
  2. Penguin Algorithms: Penguin Algorithms was launched to punish those websites that are making spammy backlinks
  3. Hummingbird Algorithms: Hummingbird Algorithms was launched to stop the use of keyword stuffing in the content

Do you know why Google is making these algorithms? 

The simple answer to this question is that Google wants to improve the quality of search engines. For example, if any user is searching for his queries then he/she should get better results for his queries. But the funniest thing is that most of the SEO’s are thinking that Google is punishing them because SEO is the only one who manipulates the ranking of the website on the search result. But it is not Google is only making its search engine more user-friendly so that users can get the solution to their queries.

Google might use one of these factors to replace your title

  1. Content of H1 tags
  2. Content of other headline tags
  3. Any decorated text on the page
  4. Anchor text of links on the page
  5. The alt attribute of the image on the page

But it does not mean that the title tag is useless now. Google has only given an update that it is using 80% of the title tag for the page and the rest of 20% of pages are shown by the given above factor.

Google might rewrite your title tag

  1. If the title is too long
  2. If keywords have been stuffed
  3. If default text is present
  4. If the text doesn’t represent the page

If Google sees any website whose content is too good but its title does not represent the content, then Google will automatically rewrite its title to give a good ranking for that website. If you want to check for which pages Google has rewritten its title tag, then there is a free tool to check regenerated title tags. This tool is made by Fede Gomez. This tool is something like a bookmarklet. 

You just need to visit GitHub Gist >> after that you just need to copy the code as shown in the image below

This image shows about the tool that Fedgomez has made.

after that right-click on bookmark bar >> then add the page to your bookmark as shown in the image below

This image show how you can add a bookmark page in your tab

After adding your page to the bookmark bar search any keyword and then click on the page which you have created on the bookmark bar

This image shows how you can select title to see the original title tag which Google has rewrite.

Now you can see the original title tag which Google has rewrite

This image shows how Google rewrite tag tag of any website

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