How to get AdSense approval for blogs

This image shows  How to get AdSense approval for blogs

Every person in this world wants to earn money from various resources. Google Adsense program is one of the best resources for earning good money from your Blogs, Website, YouTube, Games, etc.

On 18 June 2003 Google launched Google AdSense Program. They are now planning to add 38 million websites in the year 2021. Moreover, the publisher will get their earnings directly into the bank account through an electronic fund transfer this payment method has newly available to them.

Now, let’s come to our main question: how to get Adsense approval for your blogs? Well taking approval from AdSense is not a big task you just need to keep a few things in your mind before sending an approval request. In this article, I will tell you how you can take Adsense approval within 24 hrs

AdSense Account Approval Process 2021

  1. First, you need to build your website or a blog
  2. Try to get some traffic from a good source
  3. Follow the AdSense program policy
  4. Sign up for your Google AdSense account
  5. Add AdSense code to head section to your site
  6. Wait for at least two weeks for review

What are the things you should remember before submitting your approval for the AdSense Account?

There are lots of things you should remember before submitting your approval for the AdSense Account.

  1. Google Account

First, create your Gmail account because you need to get signed in to Google AdSense to be very careful while making your Gmail account please enter your correct Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB. if any above information is wrong then your application might be rejected by AdSense Team

  1. Age Requirement

According to the AdSense Terms and Conditions, the one who applies for the AdSense approval should be at least 18 years of age, If you are not 18 years old then your application will be rejected because it does not fulfill all the Terms and Condition which are required to participate in Google AdSense.

  1. Blog or Website

Adsense is very much profitable for your blog or your website. It will help you to generate a good passive income. If you have your website then it’s ok but if you don’t have you can make a free blog from then only you can monetize your website or a blog.

There are few things you should know before submitting your website for monetizing

  1. Website Ownership

It is very important to have your website or a blog then only you can paste Adsense Code on the head section of your website. If you don’t paste that HTML code on your websites then your application for AdSense approval will be rejected.

  1. Website Contents:

At this time content is a king so you need to focus on your content quality. Do you know how to make good quality content? Try to make your content unique, make it more detailed, try to add good quality infographics. If your content quality is not good then your application for Adsense approval will be rejected.

  A. Content Quality 

Good quality content is that when it has unique content, plagiarism-free content, detailed content, In a blog there should be a good quality image, If required please add videos too, Content should be well optimized, content should represent the topic these are some features of good quality content. If you are publishing good quality content then it should get easily approved by AdSense

 B. Content Quantity

Before submitting your application for AdSense approval, please add some posts to your website or in your blog there should be at least 6-7 posts on a weekly basis. If you are continuously posting high-quality content, then the source of your traffic will increase by 2X. And if your traffic source is irrelevant, then your application will be rejected by the AdSense Team.

 C. Plagiarism Free Content

Before uploading your content to your website, please check if the content which you are posting is plagiarism-free or not. Google does not index copy content and because of that copy content, your application will be rejected by the AdSense team.

 D. Updated Content

If you want to increase your website ranking on Google SERP and If you want to get AdSense approval easily you need to update your content every week 

 E. Create you’re About us Page

Many of the publishers do not create their about us page to hide their identity and when they send their application for AdSense approval their application got rejected by the AdSense team. According to the Google AdSense terms and conditions, you cannot hide your identity from Google. So if you are sending your application for approval then please create your About us page. 

 F. Create Contact Us page

There are lots of benefit of contact us page it not only help your client to reach out you but it also helps Google AdSense team to ensure that you are a genuine person

4. Website Age

Before sending your application for Google AdSense approval please check your domain age. If your domain age is less than 6 months then your application will be rejected by the AdSense Team. 

5. Traffic Source

If your website is getting traffic from genuine sources like Search Engine, Social Media then you will get approval easily, but if your traffic is coming by sending thousands of Mail and SMS or by sending your website link to your friends, relative to visit that page then all these sources are irrelevant. If you are using irrelevant techniques, then your application will be rejected by the AdSense Team.

6. Google Ads

Try not to run too many ads on your website. If you are running too many ads on your website then your website will look advertisement-based rather than content-based. So if you want to get AdSense approval easily, then make your website more user-friendly.


Ques 1. How long does it take for AdSense to approve?

  Ans 1. It totally depends on the factor that, I have covered above. It hardly takes 24 hrs to get your application approved by the AdSense team. But sometimes it takes more than 1-2 weeks. If your application was getting rejected by the AdSense team then try to make your website quality better.

Ques 2. How to add AdSense code into

  Ans 2. To add AdSense code into your first log in to your blogger dashboard >> Then click on Theme >> Select Edit HTML option >> Paste your code above closing head tag

Ques 3. How to add your AdSense code into the Shopify store?

  Ans 3. To add your AdSense code into the Shopify store first log in to your Shopify dashboard     >> Then go to Theme section >> Select Edit option thereafter you will see header.liquid file paste your code there >> then click on save button.

Ques 4. How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

  Ans 4.  AdSense pay according to RPM i.e, Revenue Per Thousand Impressions it is calculated by the given formula  (Revenue/impressions)*1000.

For example

  • if you earn revenue of $200 and you have got impressions of 80,000  then your RPM will be (200/80,000)*1000 that is equal to $2.5
  • If you have earn an estimate of $1 and you have got impressions of 30 then your RPM will be (1/30)*1000 that is equal to $33.33

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