Simple Way To Get Your Website in Google Discover Feed

This image shows the Google discover feed infographic of this URL

Google Discover is the best way to drive traffic to your website. If you want to get quality traffic without creating lots of backlinks you just need to get your website to the  Discover feed. Google Discover work according to the user’s search history if you are visiting a particular website to solve your quires or to find the answer for the particular question that website will automatically appear in the Google Discover feed. If you also want to get your website to GDF you just need to do few things.

The topic should be covered:

  1. What is Google Discover?
  2. How to get your website in Google Discover?
  3. What not to do in Google Discover?

What is Google Discover?

“Discover” is a verb and “Discovery” is a noun, “I” should be considered as Discover and “My”    considered as a Discovery. The only problem in discover is you are searching for something and you found something else. In Google discover or in Google news the article list which comes to your screen is the Google Discover feed the list which appears on your screen is not based on the ranking but is based on user interest. Google identifies the user interest based on the website or apps the user is mostly visiting to solve his/her quires. This Google feed is endless it suggests your article based on your browsing history.

Google Discover Features:

  1. It is highly personalized so every kind of page will have an audience.
  2. This feed isn’t based on rank
  3. It doesn’t depend on the keyword
  4. This feed is generated automatically by Google

How to get your website in Google Discover?

As, I told you earlier that Google Discover work according to a user browsing history, So there is no shortcut to get your website to Google feed you have to do some hard work. Let’s understand how you can get your website to Google feed


When you are publishing your content on your website please keep few things in mind do not forget to send indexing requests to Google after sending indexing requests to Google kindly run the Live Test URL so that Google bots or spiders should know which article you have published on your website.

Google only considers those articles which are indexed so if you want to get your article on Google feed you need to index your article on Google Search Console. Suppose your article got indexed now Google has understood the purpose of writing your article it will automatically appear in the feed section based on users’ interest and user search history.

Things to remember before sending indexing request to Google

  1. Publish only high-quality and unique content
  2. Do not publish duplicate or thin content
  3. Focus on the keyword density do not use focus keyword more than its limit
  4. Send indexing request to Google 1 time only

Schema Data

If you want Google should get your article to the feed section you want to tell Google that why you have published this article? Which query does this article solve? What was in the article? Who has published this article? Who is the author of this article? When has this article has published? You have to give complete details about your article. So the main question arises that How will you tell all these things to Google?

The simple answer to this question is by getting Schema Data or Structured Data to your content. The best example of Schema Data is a FAQ.

Clear Topic

If you want to get your website to Google feed then keep one thing in mind The topic on which you are writing content should be well defined. You cannot use clickbait in your title. Google Discover spends lots of money on its machine learning to give the best user experience. Google feed avoids those websites that use clickbait in their title, and do not give proper information to their user.

If you want to get your website to the Google feed kindly give proper information to your users and try to solve their queries with the help of your content. you can also read about Google Algorithms Update here

Big Images

If you check Google feed, you will notice that Google Discover uses high-resolution images and a little text to show the feeds. So if you want to get your website to Google Discover you have to keep few things in mind

  1. Use at least 1200 pixel wide images
  2. Use max-image-preview: large type robots meta tag.

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