Top 5 Google Algorithms Updates

This image show the different type of Google Algorithm

Google declares to update its algorithms every year in this article we will cover the Top 5 Google Algorithms Update, If you want to increase your website ranking and you don’t want to get your website hit in Google Algorithms then just need to follow daily Google update recently on 16th July 2021 Google has planned to roll out his new algorithms i.e, Link Spam Update and on 25th August Google has launched this algorithm.

According to Link Spam Update, all external links or affiliate links should be sponsored. If you have not changed your external and affiliate links to sponsored yet, then do it quickly otherwise your website has a chance to get hit in Google Algorithms.

In June 2021, Google has come with its Core Update where you have to keep your website user friendly. If your website is not user-friendly like it takes lots of time in the opening, unnecessary ads are running, image or video size is too big, unnecessary use of javascript will reduce the speed of your website the result a page is unresponsive. So if your website has any of these issues, kindly solved them quickly. you can also check our blog to solve the cumulative layout shift issue

In 2021 Google has come with its minor update i.e, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Do you know why APM has launched in the 90s? At that time the mobile and the devices which we have low performance and the internet speed was also not good at that time. So when anyone tries to open any website or any pages it will load slowly on that device that is why Google has thought to launched AMP so that the website loads quickly on any device.

But now in the 21st-century Smartphones are coming with a good processor and because of Google Core Update website loading speed is also getting fast that’s why websites get loads fast on any device. That’s Why Google has shut down the AMP feature.

I just want to tell you that in 1 year Google declares lots of algorithms updates, If you are a Digital Marketer then you should follow top blogging websites to get day-to-day updates.

Top 5 Google Algorithms Updates:

If you are a beginner then you should know what was the history of search engines? How do Search Engines give ranking of the website? So In this article, I will cover all these things.

Topics should be covered:

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Page Layout
  4. Hummingbird
  5. RankBrain


Panda Algorithm was launched in 2011 to find out thin content at that time most of the bloggers use article spinner tools to make their content unique spinner tools are easily available on the website where most of the bloggers spin the duplicate content and make it unique or can say plagiarism-free. That’s why at that time users were not getting the right answers to their queries, this content is made to manipulate the search engine to get a better ranking.

When Google has noticed that every website’s bounce rate is more than 80% then Google has thought to launch the Panda update to give a penalty to those websites that are using thin content, duplicate content, spammy content.


Penguin update was launched in 2012, Penguin has launched to give punishment to those websites that are using irrelevant, spammy,over-optimized anchor text backlinks if anyone is creating irrelevant backlinks then the ranking of that website is getting affected by the Penguin update. At that time there were only two ways to manipulate search engine ranking first is thin content and the second one is spammy backlinks.

The main purpose of launching penguin update is not only to give punishment to the irrelevant backlinks but to increase the quality of the backlinks    

Page Layout

Page Layout Algorithm was launched in 2012, Page Layout Algorithm was launched to give punishment to those websites that are running more ads in above-the-fold content or whose content quality is not good. Above the fold, content means when any website is loading on a device the first part of the website which is appearing on the screen is known as above the fold content.

You just want to do is to reduce the use of ads in the above-the-fold content.


Hummingbird Algorithm was launched in 2013, Hummingbird was launched to give punishment to those websites that are using keyword stuffing in the content. Keyword Stuffing means adding keywords more than its density, keyword stuffing reduces the quality of the content. Humminbird Algorithm was the biggest update by Google to improve the quality of the content.


RankBrain Algorithm was launched in 2015 to improve the quality of the search engine, RankBrain helps to show the content according to the queries. It helps the Google search engine to understand that queries that were not asked previously there are totally 15% queries that are unique in search engine RankBrain helps search engines to understand these queries.

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