Ahrefs SEO Tool: Overview, Pricing, Features

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What is Ahrefs Tool?

Most SEO experts use the Ahrefs tool to monitor their website performance. This tool is well known for its backlinks & SEO analysis. Its site audit tool helps you to check your website SEO issues and maintain your website performance from time to time. You will be given an alert notification regarding your backlink stability

Common Ahrefs Terms

Before coming to Ahrefs features I would like to introduce some of the common Ahrefs terms which you want to know before using this tool because when you use Ahrefs tool more the 1 min you will see there are lots of common terms used in Ahrefs tool like UR, CTLDs, 

So before we come to the key features of Ahrefs it is very much important to learn about common terms which are used in Ahrefs.

  1. Domain Rating (DR): Domain Rating means domain authority of any website. Domain Authority of any website is calculated by its two factors i.e, Domain Age, Backlinks.
  2. URL Rating (UR): URL Rating means rating given to a particular page of the website; it is calculated by the quality and quantity of backlinks that page has.
  3. Anchors Text: Anchors Text is the keyword of the webpage with a clickable hyperlink insert to it.
  4. Referring Domain: Referring Domain Means the number of unique websites from where our page has a link to it more the referring domain higher the chance of getting rank on Google SERP.
  5. CTLDs Distribution: It means when our website has a link from the top level of website  like .com,.edu,.de, etc
  6. Ahrefs Ranking: Like Alexa ranking, Ahrefs also gives a worldwide ranking of the website.
  7. Traffic Potential: It means how much traffic your website is getting monthly
  8. Keyword Difficulty: Keyword Difficulty means How difficult to get ranked on Google’s top page with the given keyword.

Key Features of Ahrefs

  1. Backlinks Analysis
  2. Keyword Explorer
  3. Organic Keyword & Organic Search Traffic
  4. Content Explorer
  5. Site Audit
  6. Paid Search
  7. Alert
  8. Domain Comparison
  9. Broken Link Building

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks Analysis is Ahrefs very important feature where you can analyze from where your competitors are getting backlinks and pointing to those websites you can also make backlinks for your website. Apart from this, you can also use the “Link Intersect” option to compare multiple competitors’ websites for creating backlinks.

If someone links to one of your competitors it gets difficult for you to understand the relationship between those two websites.

But if any website gives links to your three competitors then it shows that this website is interested in giving links to your niche.

If you use the same technique that your competitor has used to take link from that website then there would be a chance for getting a link from the same website

Keyword Explorer

Another feature of Ahref is Keyword Explorer. Lots of SEO experts use this tool to do keyword research for their businesses because proper keyword research can give a good ranking on Google SERP.

Ahref comes with his great feature keyword explorer where you can find valuable keywords in just one click. Do you know what makes this feature special here? You can also check the keyword’s “Return Rate” which means now you can also check how frequently people search for a keyword more than once and you can also check the number of clicks that keywords are getting.

In most keyword research tools you can only check keywords for a different country but Ahref comes with a different idea now you can check keywords for different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Youtube, Yandex, Baidu.

Organic Keyword & Organic Traffic

Ahref Organic Keyword & Organic Traffic this feature helps you to find the exact keyword for which a domain rank and how much traffic that domain is getting right now.

If you have the same niche you can also use those keywords to get a better ranking. Ahref also has the feature of traffic value which shows the approx value of traffic your 

website is getting. 

This feature is really simple to use you just need to put your competitor URL into Ahref  then you just need to look at their top keywords which have high search volume and high CPC after that you just need to create a blog post and published it within 2 to 4 days you will see your blog at top of Google top SERP

Content Explorer  

This feature was created to show you content that gets lots of social shares. We can say that it is a mini version of Buzzsumo that’s why most of the SEO experts use this tool.

This feature helps you to find highly shared content. You only need to paste a keyword or topic into the content explorer and it will give you a list of articles that got lots of social shares. If you find any specific social media network useful to you you can also share your article on that platform.

This feature also helps you to find republished posts that will give you a better idea of why a specific article got lots of social shares.

Site Audit 

With this feature, you can easily audit your website by pop in your site homepage and wait for a minute. It may take some time depending on how many pages your website has, when it’s done it will give you a complete audit report of your website.

Including pages that are 404, 301,4xx redirected, render blocking, blocked by robots.txt, or no index page\, orphan page, and much more. It also shows the health score of your website. If the health score of your website is above 80% then it will show a green symbol that means good. If the health score of your website is below 80% then it needs improvement.

You can say this is a mini version of Screaming Frog.

Paid Search

Ahrefs also has features to help PPC Campaigns with this feature you can customize your PPC Campaigns by analyzing your competitor’s ads. It is very simple to use you just need to enter your site URL into Ahrefs and then click on paid search. Now you can see which ads generate the most traffic. It is a great resource for writing your own ads.


Alert is a very important feature of Ahrefs. If you want to stay on the top of the search engine result page you have to use this feature let me tell you why? You just need to ask Ahrefs to send you an alert every time your competitors are making a new backlink or start to rank for a new keyword. 

This feature helps you to keep an eye on your competitors

Domain Comparison

Most SEO experts use this feature to compare 2-5 sites head to head. Do you know why this feature is useful? 

With this feature, you can easily compare your website with your competitors. For example, when you put some of your competitors into a domain comparison tool, you will easily understand why you are behind your competitor. 

For example, if you have fewer referring domains then you have to give more time to link building

Easily Find Broken Links

This feature will reduce your workload and time. Now there is no need to run check my links so many times because Ahrefs comes with the feature where you can easily find broken links in just a single click.

You just need to put your competitor’s website into Ahrefs and come to the section of broken link Ahrefs will show you all the broken links that your competitor has.

Ahrefs: Plans & Prices

Plan & Monthly PriceAdditional taxes may applyDepending on your countryLite$99Standard$179Advanced$399Agency$999
User Seat          1           1          3        5
Tracked Keyword      500        1500        5000      10,000
Site Audit    10,000      500,000    1.2 million      2.5 million
Domain Per Week      175        700        1750        7000
Link Intersect      10        30,000      50,000      100,000
Keyword Positions      Top 20        Top 100      Top 100      Top 100
Reports Per Week        350        700        3500        17,500
SERP Update         100        1000        5000        20,000
Alert ( new / lost backlinks)        5          15          40          100
Batch Analysis       25,000        100,000      400,000        1 million

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