SEMrush SEO Tool: Overview, Pricing, Features

What is SEMrush?

This image shows the logo of SEMrush

Most SEO experts use this tool for Competitor Research, Keyword Research, And optimizing Google Ads Campaigns. SEMrush is popular for its keyword magic tool where you can find high volume keywords with less SEO difficulty 

Key Features of SEMrush

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitor Research
  3. Competitor Backlink Analysis
  4. Local SEO
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Optimizing Google Ads Campaigns

Let’s understand all these features in detail

How to use the SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool?

The purpose of adding this feature to SEMrush is to help you to find dozens of keywords in a single click. Good keyword research allows you to unwrap related searches, mostly ask answers and questions that are very much important for your audiences and for your goal.

SEMrush keyword magic tool is very simple to use you only need to enter the URL of your competitor and the URL which you want to analyze in the SEMrush, Now you will see lots of useful data on the left and side, you need to click on keyword overview this will give you the list of useful keywords on which your competitors are ranking for. You can also enter specific keywords and check the ranking of competitors.

How to use the SEMrush for Competitors Analysis?

Competitors’ research is very important for every industry, without competitor analysis you will not be able to understand which method will be good for you, and which technique you should use to generate the maximum conversions.

Let’s understand who you can use SEMrush for competitors analysis, First, you need to log in to your dashboard >> then you have to enter your competitor URL >> then you need to select the country where you need to analyze after that you will see lots of useful data available on left-hand side like Organic research, Advertising research, PLA research, Display advertising, Backlinks. 

Features like:

  1. Organic Research: By clicking on this term organic research you will see on which keyword your competitors get organic traffic
  2. Advertising Research: By clicking on this term Advertising Research you will see Paid Search Position of your competitor
  3. PLA Research/ Display Advertising: This feature helps you analyze your competitor’s performance on Google Ads Campaign.
  4. Competitors Backlinks Analysis: This feature show you on which website your competitors are making backlinks 

How to use the SEMrush for Competitors Backlinks Analysis?

Backlinks are very important for your website. A good backlink can increase your domain authority and website traffic too. 

Steps to keep in mind while making good backlinks

  1. Hyperlink your anchor text
  2. Make backlink on the same niche
  3. Before making backlinks check the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, Bounce Rate, Monthly Traffic, age of the website.
  4. Try to make backlinks via Guest Post, Broken Link Building, Blog Outreach

So if you’re using SEMrush for the competitor backlink analysis paste your competitor website URL in SEMrush >> Then come to the backlinks option which will appear on the left-hand side >> now you can analyze from which website your competitor is making backlinks and you can also try to get backlinks from there too.

How to use the SEMrush for Local SEO?

If you want to grow the visibility of your website then you have to improve the local SEO with the help of SEMrush you can easily improve your Local SEO by combining your Business Listing, track your Local Position, Manage Google My Business, Optimize your website for mobile.

How to use the SEMrush for Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the marketing techniques which helps to attract your audiences via relevant content or articles it helps to promote your brand, your business. In today’s era, content marketing is a king this technique promotes brand awareness and keeps your business on to

SEMrush provides features like:

  1. On-page SEO checker: This feature of SEMrush helps you to improve the on-page activity of your content 
  2. Social Media Toolkit: you can also enhance your social media performance with these features
  3. Position Tracking: This feature helps you to track the position of your keyword, you can keep an eye on your competitor

Optimizing Google Ads Campaigns

Google Adword used the bidding system to rank the listings. The system determines the Ads position based on the maximum bid and quality score of the Ads.

Higher the bid and quality score better are the chances of being on top of the page. Optimizing the quality score is the best way to improve your ad rank without increasing the maximum bid.

So first you have to do keyword research. For that, you have to click on advertising research to know what keyword your competitor has used for that campaign. After that, you have to optimize your ad group that you have to go to PPC Keyword Tool.

Is SEMrush free?

Yes, You can use SEMrush for free but with limited function SEMrush comes with three different plan Pro, Guru, and Business this three plan comes with  different price and different function

SEMrush Pro Price & Features

SEMrush pro is the starter plan the price of this plan is $ 119.95 monthly if you’re a beginner and want to start your website this plan is sufficient for you you can do everything from competitor analysis to keyword research 

Results Per Report10,000
Result Per Day3000
Keyword To Track500
Page To Crawl100,000
Profiles For Monitoring50
Scheduled PDF reports5

SEMrush Guru Price & Features

This plan has all the features of SEMrush Pro apart from that you will also get access to historical data at the price of $ 229.95 monthly

Results Per Report30,000
Result Per Day5000
Keyword To Track1500
Page To Crawl300,000
Profiles For Monitoring100
Scheduled PDF reports20
Historical DataAdded new feature

SEMrush Business Price & Features

SEMrush Business plan gives you two additional features like Multi-User management, Access to product listing Ads. This plan comes with a price of $ 449.95 per month

Results Per Report30,000
Result Per Day5000
Keyword To Track1500
Page To Crawl300,000
Profiles For Monitoring100
Scheduled PDF reports20
Multi-user ManagementMulti-user support at a time
Product Listing Ads
Historical DataFile from the beginning of 2012

SEMrush Pros 

We have done proper research on Why SEMrush is good for you? Many SEO experts give us a review regarding that 

  1. It is easy to use
  2. Keyword magic tool helps you to find valuable keywords for your content
  3. User-friendly tool
  4. The best tool of Site Audit & Local SEO
  5. Competitor spying
  6. Technical Audit
  7. Competitors backlink Analysis
  8. Very Cheap Plan
  9. Review overall SEO of website
  10. Customer Support
  11. Daily SEEP Tracking

SEMrush Review for 2021

There are so many SEO tools that are present in the market at a high price but SEMrush comes at the cheapest price with lots of features. If you are doing any SEO project, this tool gives you every data you’re looking for at just $119.95 per month. Recently SEMrush has got a review of 4.3 out of 5 because of its features like Domain Analysis, Keyword research, Link Building features, and Site Audit.

If you are a business owner, blogger, Beginner, and if you want to keep an eye on your competitor then you should try this SEMrush tool  it comes with a 14-day free trial 


SEMrush offers unlimited SEO tools to help you do Competitor Research, Keyword Research, Backlinks Analysis, Local SEO, Content Marketing, and Optimizing your Google Ads Campaigns. With the help of this tool you can, you can easily increase your website visibility over Search Engines.

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