Hostinger: The best hosting for 2021

Today in this article helps you to decide which best hosting plan is the right fit for you I completely understand how confusing it can be while choosing the right hosting especially when you are a beginner that’s why in this article I will explain to you

The Services are given by the Hostinger i.e; Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and VPS, Email Hosting

Let’s say you decided to create your first website you might already have a free domain name and the next thing that you need is the best hosting plan if you’re wondering which plan you should, I will help you to answer this question, and once you know which hosting plan you want to use don’t forget to apply hosting offers “HIT2021” to get 7% discount on your purchase. Alright, so let’s start with

Shared Web Hosting

This image shows three different plans of Shared Hosting.

It’s called Shared Web Hosting for a reason, because you will be sharing resources with other websites on the same server, without doubt, it’s one of the most popular types of hosting and it’s best suited for beginners or small businesses, It’s easy to use and it’s affordable you can even start your website with as low as $0.99 per month. So if you’re a beginner and you don’t want to spend a lot this might be a perfect choice for you.

At Hostinger we have three different Shared Hosting Plan

  1. Single Shared Hosting
  2. Premium Shared Hosting 
  3. Business Shared Hosting

Single Shared Hosting

With a Single Shared Hosting plan, you will be able to host a single website you will get one email account with your domain name and a free SSL Certificate it’s a great option for beginners who are just starting out this type of hosting is capable of handling around 10,000 monthly visits, with a single shared hosting you can easily host blogs, business website or any other similar type of website without any issues I wouldn’t recommend for using for e-commerce website like Woocommerece because it doesn’t have enough resources compared to other plans.

 Premium Shared Hosting 

With this plan, you will be able to host up to 100 websites and create up to 100 business email accounts. As well this plan comes with a free SSL Certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and a domain name. This type of hosting is capable of handling around 25,000 monthly visits. It is a great option for everyone who needs to host multiple websites. This plan has enough resources for Blogs, Business websites,s or any other similar type of website. Though I wouldn’t use it for e-commerce websites because again such types of websites require more resources. For Example in the beginning when you don’t get a lot of traffic to your e-commerce website or your online store is considerably small you could use this plan, but when your website takes time to load that’s an indication that you need a better plan. Just like a Business Shared Hosting.

 Business Shared Hosting

Talking about this particular plan it with all features of a Premium Shared Hosting it will come with daily backups, and it will include free CDN (content delivery network) that helps your website load faster. Business Shared Hosting is capable of handling around 100,000 monthly visits. So Business Shared Hosting plan. Is a great choice for a growing website or e-commerce sites it can handle more traffic compared to other shared hosting plan and it has more resources so for example if you would host a WordPress website you could install more plugins compare to Premium plan and your website would run completely normal without experiencing any decrease in load time but hey don’t forget there are limits to everything and if you will start installing a lot of plugins to your website you might experience a decrease in a low time even though Business Shared Hosting is the most powerful plan among Shared hosting plan.

Cloud Web Hosting

This image shows three different plans of Cloud Hosting.

So as you remember with Shared Hosting you are sharing resources but this doesn’t apply to Cloud Hosting with this type of hosting you will get dedicated resources and you will not be sharing them with anyone else this is a great option for quickly growing website when shared hosting is not enough anymore that’s because it offers power and real ability of VPS with the simplicity of shared hosting usually you don’t start with Cloud Hosting especially when you’re beginner simply because in the beginning you don’t need so many resources you can with Shared Hosting and once you see that your website needs an upgrade you can always move to Cloud Hosting at any time you need.

At Hostinger we have three different Cloud Hosting 

  1. Cloud Startup
  2. Cloud Professional 
  3. Cloud Global 

As you can see each plan has more resources than the other as well they all come with free SSL certificates, Domain names, Daily backups, and CDN. When you move from Shared Hosting to Cloud I would recommend choosing Cloud Startups it has very more resources than Shared Hosting and most likely you will not need to think about upgrading it for quite a while and if you already have a well-established website that gets a lot of traffic and requires more resources you might consider another plan in a lot of cases you can start with cloud startup and once you need more resources you can easily upgrade just with a few clicks Cloud Hosting is as easy to use as Shared Hosting and it has as many dedicated resources as VPS it’s a great choice for e-commerce website, large blogs, business websites or any other similar type of website 

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is similar to Shared Hosting it’s a great choice for beginners especially for ones who are planning to use WordPress as their content management system just like with Shared Hosting with this type of hosting you will be sharing resources with another website so that means you will not have dedicated resources as you would have with cloud hosting or VPS the main difference between Shared and WordPress hosting is that WordPress Hosting is optimized for WordPress that’s great news for beginners because your website will run fast and smoothly you will not need to deal with the tricky part of optimization yourself.


This image shows four different plans of WordPress Hosting.

At Hostinger we have four different plans for WordPress Hosting 

  1.  Single WordPress 
  2.  Managed WordPress Hosting Starter
  3.  Business WordPress
  4.  WordPress Pro

As you can see right here with a Single WordPress plan you will be able to host only one website, you will get one email account and it doesn’t come with the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic all other plans come with more resources and are capable of handling more monthly visits. Besides that WordPress Starter and Business WordPress plans are included with the free version of the Jetpack plugin. Meanwhile WordPress Pro comes with a personal version of jetpack that offers even more features it’s also worth mentioning that Business WordPress, WordPress pro plan comes with free CDN that’s great news because you will have a faster-loading website without needing to spend extra money alright so the first two plans are great options for blogs, business website or any other similar types of website the last two plans are fully capable of handling not just blocks or business website but small-sized Woocommerce stores as well so if you are 100% sure that you will use WordPress as your content management system you should consider choosing  the WordPress plan it’s easy to use it’s fully optimized and customer support has a dedicated WordPress team so if you will face any issues then the customer service team of professionals will be here 24*7 to assist you with any questions and in the last stop we have VPN

VPS ( Virtual Private Server)

This image shows three different plans of VPS Hosting.

Not like any other type of hosting mentioned here before VPS is for advanced users because you will need some technical knowledge you will have full root access so you will be able to take full  control of your server that means that you can install a wide range of operating systems work on resource heavy projects and do much more than you could do with Shared or any other hosting with this type of hosting you will get dedicated resources just like with Cloud Hosting but you will lose the simplicity of it usually people who chose VPS they already know what they are looking for at Hostinger you will find 6 different VPS plan even though there are 6 different plans don’t get confused the only difference is dedicated resources the higher the plan the more resources you’ll get using VPS you can host any type of website or project if you are a beginner I wouldn’t recommend you to start with this type of hosting alright so now you know the main difference between all hosting plans and it should be much easier to decide which hosting plan you should choose to sum it up shared and wordpress hosting are for beginners while just 

starting with their website and don’t need a lot of resources Cloud Hosting is experienced users with fast-growing websites and VPS Hosting is for advanced users who most likely already know what they are looking for 

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